In our engineering line we produce calendered PVC geomembranes, widely used in waterproofing, containment, insulation and protection applications for a variety of markets.

Being a calendered product, it has all the advantages of the technology: uniform thickness throughout the length and width of the roll product, excellent flatness and very low shrinkage.


Reflective Cover is a laminated product made from reinforced plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Product developed for waterproofing exposed flat or sloped roofs, both in new construction or in rehabilitation of existing roofs.

​Green Roofs are engineering systems that allow the growth of vegetation on the top of buildings (roofs or terraces) keeping its structure protected, improving the aesthetics and housing quality of the place where it is installed, but also optimizing both insulation thermal and acoustic, favoring the reduction in the flow of runoff water and even retarding the spread of fire in the event of a fire.

​Roof with Finish is a PVC membrane, developed for waterproofing unexposed roofs, with heavy protection. It is designed for use on both new roofs and rehabilitation of existing roofs.

Waterproofing Potable Water Tanks

It is a product developed for the waterproofing of underground or collapsible tanks for the containment of water for human consumption.

The storage tank is located at a high point in the town. In large towns or with very irregular topography, there may be more than one reserve tank.

Water tanks, from the point of view of their use, can be public or private; from the point of view of their location they can be: buried, supported on the ground and aerial.

For this reason, the following aspects should be taken into account that help when contemplating the waterproofing of a tank with a PVC membrane:

Stability of the excavation, if the tank is buried.


Structure concrete

Swimming Pools

It is a product developed for the finishing and decoration of residential pools and the hotel sector for recreational or sports use.

Made from a plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base, reinforced with a high tenacity polyester fabric that provides the final product with excellent resistance to tension and tearing and gives the film a very high dimensional stability.


The most important stage of tunnel construction is the PVC geomembrane waterproofing process. It is cheaper to prevent the passage of water with a PVC geomembrane than to carry out maintenance or operation works to channel the already filtered water to the structure.

It is a product designed to be an excellent barrier against water and has the following characteristics that make it an efficient solution when waterproofing:

High mechanical and chemical resistance.

Great dimensional stability.

Protected against microbial attack.

Resistant to aging.

Ease and speed when installing by thermofusion welding.

They are flexible which allows them to adapt to the contours of the terrain.
Signal Layer System (two-color) which allows faults and leaks to be detected while allowing visual control of the weld.

Self extinguishing.