Sustainability at Filmtex

Sustainable development requires a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration environmental concerns alongside economic development.

Sustainability is our company’s framework for action, based on seeking human progress through the comprehensive development of capabilities, safety and inclusive businesses; protecting the planet through circular solutions, eco-efficiency and responsible supply.

The conservation of natural capital and the advancement of social capital are our top priorities and are directly related to the ability to manage the business in response to the expectations and needs of our stakeholders.

In this sense, at FILMTEX, we manage risks, take advantage of opportunities, permanently strengthen our value chain, product quality, experience and services, and seek excellence in our eco-sustainable practices.

Sustainability Report 2021

Environmental Qualities

PVC is a recyclable and sustainable material, which favors the conservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

Beyond its insulating properties and versatility, it is recognized for its durability, as it is classified as a product with a long useful life, with a period of use of up to 50 years.

This is due to its chemical composition, its ability to be recyclable and the long useful life of products made of PVC.

FILMTEX works on the implementation and execution of effective environmental management systems, based on continuous improvement, prevention and control of pollution, protection of the environment, eco-efficiency in its supply chain, seeking to preserve biodiversity, and the reduction of the environmental impact of its products in their life cycle, which contributes to a harmonious relationship between profitable growth and environmental performance and where eco-efficiency is the decision criterion.