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In the year 1976 FILMTEX S.A.S. is consolidated as a company dedicated to the production of PVC films through the calendering process. As an innovative company, it uses the most advanced technology for its manufacture, offering support and quality assurance for its customers. For this reason, Filmtex enjoys wide recognition in more than 20 countries, a reason that forces us to constantly improve.

In 1988 calender 1 is modernized, acquiring a post-calendering train that allows it to serve industrial customers with the highest quality standards.

In 1995, due to the growth in sales, the second ironer was purchased, thus doubling its installed capacity, and the mixture project was launched. In recent years, the second laminator was acquired, the Geomembrane sealing production line was assembled and a coating line for PSA adhesive products was acquired, thus continuing the strategy of giving more added value to its products.

In the year 2000 Administrative Options was created to offer support to Filmtex and other related companies. Likewise, Filmtex updates its technology and equipment.

In 2007, the pharmaceutical packaging cutting area was modernized with the highest industry standards, in compliance with FDA and GMP regulations.

For the year 2020 Filmtex optimized its portfolio and generated new developments in the industry; similarly, it updated and improved its plant equipment.

Very long-term alliances have also been achieved with direct representatives of the entire line of Filmtex S.A.S. in Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the United States.

Our Products

No matter the size of your company or whether it is public or private, or in which industries or sectors you specialize, we can help you work on your needs and achieve your goals. Learn about the products we offer for companies and individuals.

Self Adhesive Films

Self-adhesive films are designed to adhere to smooth surfaces without any type of adhesive. This adhesion is created by the forces acting between the molecules of the film and the surface.

There are several designs, which can be removed at any time without leaving any residue. And it can be reapplied after removing it.

Flexible Films

Flexible PVC films are an effective solution for managing environments, creating comfort and a microclimate.

Typically used to produce windbreaks, strip door curtains and provides excellent clarity while offering a high level of flexibility making it ideal for custom projects.

Rigid Films

Rigid PVC is one of the most used plastic materials in the manufacture of packaging for food and cosmetics, due to its thermoplastic qualities and especially because it does not contain plasticizers within its formulation.

Vinyls for printing
lamination and plotter

Vinyls for printing are white or transparent monomeric PVC calendered films with a gloss or matte finish, with transparent permanent adhesive and Kraft paper.

They are products designed for large format printing in graphic arts, offering excellent quality in latex, solvent, eco-solvent, UV and screen printing technologies; in addition to a good performance in installation processes and durability due to the properties that the assembly presents. Products used for exteriors and interiors, public areas, POP advertising, etc.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Rigid, non-toxic, pharmaceutical grade PVC film designed for blister packaging. All raw materials used are approved by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration). Its minimal handling and packaging ensures that the material is free of pathogenic micro-organisms.


In our engineering line we produce calendered PVC geomembranes, widely used in waterproofing, containment, insulation and protection applications for a variety of markets.

Being a calendered product, it has the following characteristics: uniform thickness throughout the length and width of the roll product, excellent flatness and very low shrinkage.

Decorative Coatings

Decorative wall panels are waterproof and easy to maintain. The ideal solution for cladding walls and ceilings in bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, basements, garages and other areas inside the house.

Our Clients

We are proud to have customers who have helped us to be better every day and we want to thank everyone for their trust.
We understand how important it is to feel supported, that is why we reiterate our commitment to compliance, through logistics solutions appropriate to the different needs and the optimization of the logistics operations of each one of you.


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